Sunday – Open Gym/Free WOD

Day 84 of the Burpee Challenge (yes, I know… yesterday was supposed to be 83)

9:30 Free Class.

You know the drill!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Thanks to Michele for warming up both classes with a little yoga!

Results from Saturday’s Intermediate and Regular CrossFit Classes. Good to see Chris and sis, Marie again!
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit

One more time! Check out our new schedule. We’ve added 4 and 5 pm regular CrossFit classes on Friday evening, replacing the 5:30 class.

Share the Pain weekend is upon us. This Thursday-Saturday (and of course EVERY Sunday) invite someone in to try CrossFit for FREE!


Saturday – KB Mania!

As stated previously, our NEW schedule goes into effect the 1st of April.

We’ll have 4 and 5 pm classes on Friday evenings beginning the 6th!

Day 84 of the Burpee Challenge!

There may be a little ‘something’ for all of you who complete the 100 days… just sayin’

South Tahoe CrossFit

Tamas, originally from Hungary, and Hercules,
hailing from S. Africa, visited us Friday morning.


7:30 Early Bird Intermediate Class-

What could better than a WOD early Saturday morning? A WOD with Del!!

8:30 Regular CrossFit Class

WOD- Kettle-bell Mania

4 Rounds for Time of:

8 single arm KB push press right arm

8 single arm KB push press left arm

16 Goblet Squats

32 KB swings

Go as heavy as possible.

WOD results and candid shots from Friday’s workout.
South Tahoe CrossFit

South Tahoe CrossFit

South Tahoe CrossFit
Once again, Share the Pain is next Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and of course Sundays are always free) — invite a friend, family member or co-worker to try out CrossFit at no charge!


Friday – 3 Rounds 800 Meter Run/Sit-ups/Superman

Day 82 of the Burpee Challenge!

Hey, we’re putting together a softball team again this year. Check out the sign-up sheet on the counter if you’re interested.

Regular CrossFit Classes

WOD- 3 Rounds for time of:

800 meter run

50 sit-ups

50 supermans

Intermediate Class

Lift/Skill- Snatch


row 1,000 meter

30 snatch row

1,000 row

South Tahoe CrossFit

Former STCF member and firebreather Cris Brines
in bottom of ring dip. Nice guest appearance!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Awesome job Jack on getting chest on the ground!!

Below is the board for regular class.
South Tahoe CrossFit
Below is the Intermediate class getting some!!
South Tahoe CrossFit

And their results below.
South Tahoe CrossFit


Thursday – Dead-lifts/AMRAP

Programming Notes:

Next weekend is our monthly Share the Pain weekend. Invite a friend to try CrossFit free!

Beginning a week from this Friday, we’ll have 4 and 5 pm classes replacing the 5:30 class.

Day 81 of the Burpee Challenge!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Del getting the noon classes warmed up, and stretched for their respective WODs

Regular CrossFit Classes

Lift- Dead-lifts

Take 20 minutes to work up to a set of 3 reps of dead-lifts maintaining perfect form.

WOD- 10 Minute AMRAP of:

6 Ring dips

12 Push-ups

16 Alternating jumping lunges

Rest 2 minutes, then:

Tabata double-unders (8 rounds)

Evening Intermediate Class

WOD- 3 rounds for time of:

15 burpees

30 box jumps

Wednesday’s results for Regular CrossFit and Intermediate Classes.
Anyone want to do another Fran-type WOD soon?
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit

A few shots from Wednesday evening’s class:
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit


Wednesday – Back Squats/Tabata

Day 80 of the Burpee Challenge, 4/5ths the there!

Regular CrossFit Classes

Lift- Back squats 3-3-3-3-3

WOD- Alternating Tabata of:

Thrusters 75/55 lbs

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

20 seconds of thrusters, 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of chest to bar pull-ups 10 seconds rest, then back to thrusters. Continue in this fashion until 12 rounds are complete, i.e. 6 min. Score is total reps!

Intermediate Classes

Lift/Skill- Overhead squat

WOD- 4 rounds for time of:

10 OH squats

15 push-ups

20 Double-unders (60 singles)

Some pics from Tuesday’s run, toes to bar, KB WOD. Good times!

South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit

Here’re the boards for the Reg. Class from Tuesday. Sprints are hard!
South Tahoe CrossFit