Thursday-Day 1 of May’s Share the Pain

Its Share the Pain weekend again. Bring a friend in!!

CrossFit Class and Inermediate Classes:
WOD- CF Baseball

1st base-10 push-ups
2nd base-10 squats
3rd base-10 burpees
Home Base-20 sit ups

You start with first base exercise and upon completion you shuttle run twice across parking lot and back twice to 2nd base exercise. Continue in same fashion through the bases until making it back to home for 1 run. 1st time you get called for bad form at an exercise is a warning. 2nd time you must go back to 1st base and start over!

Game is played for 15 minutes!

A couple of shots from Wednesday’s Tabata WOD!
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit

Here’s the board for Wednesday’s Regular and evening intermediate classes.
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit

Wednesday – Back Squats/Tabata

CrossFit Class:

Lift- Back Squat

1 Set of 20 reps.

Use last week’s load as a barometer for your weight this week. If 20 was easy, go up a little or vice-versa
WOD- Alternating Tabata:

Front Squats 115/80 lbs

Intermediate Class:

Skill/Lift- Front Squats
WOD- For time: Descending front squats and burpees.
10 front squats, 10 burpees, 9 and 9, etc down to 1 of each.

Have fun!

Tuesday Evening’s Intermediate Class results below:

South Tahoe CrossFit

Here’s the board for Tuesday’s Diane. We didn’t crush any records from regionals, but everybody pushed themselves and got a good sweat. That we did accomplish very well! Good work!
South Tahoe CrossFit


Tuesday – HSPU’s and Diane!


It’s the first of the month, which means Share the Pain baby!  Invite co-workers, friends and family to come give CrossFit a free trial this entire weekend beginning Thursday!  CrossFit is working for you, right?  Then why not share it with others!!

CrossFit Class

Skill- Hand-stand push-ups

Think about retaining a hollow rock position as well as perfecting your kip. Way more efficient!

WOD- Diane-this is the first workout from the CF Games regionals which started last weekend and continues for the next month.

 21-15-9 of:

 Deadlifts 225/155 lbs

Hand-stand push-ups

Just for a reality check: so far the best times on this WOD have been 1:57 and 2:24 respectively for the men and women.  Yikes!

Evening Intermediate Class

WOD- 4 rounds for time of:

400 meter run

20 wall-balls

Here’s the board for Monday’s reg class.  A bit of confusion on whether it was hang squat snatches or from the ground.  Sorry for that, but either way it was a good WOD.  Results below.

Wow, a HUGE turn-out for the Intermediate class on Monday.  Check out the results below!

Monday -Snatch work, then more snatches!

Jair’s first Muscle-up.  Nice job mister!

CrossFit Class

Lift- Snatches

Take 20 min to build up to a heavy but doable 4 position squat snatch.

Positions are: hang, above knee, below knee, then floor.

WOD-Then for time:

9 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#

50 Double-Unders

7 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#

50 Double-Unders

5 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#

50 Double-Unders

Intermediate Class

WOD- Sprint Day, 4 individually timed rounds of:

Row 250

15 Kettle-bell swings

10 Burpees

Sunday – Open Gym/Free WOD

Parents: Good news! Our own Mary Langlois is going to be providing daycare!! You can call her at: 530-448-3539 for more information and/or to make sitting arrangements!

We finally caught up to Keri, who is another of our 100 day burpee challenge finishers. Nice job girl!
South Tahoe CrossFit

9:30 – Open Gym and Free Class:
Make up your own WOD or bring a friend and do the Free class’ workout. See you here!

Incredible job by all of those who did the 5 individually timed rounds of running and max pull-ups. Some great scores as you can see below!
South Tahoe CrossFit

Our resident gazelle, Ali getting another 400 meters done!
South Tahoe CrossFit