Saturday – 5 Rounds…

Yoga class is at 10:30 on Thursdays. However, Ali is on vacation the the next two weeks. Classes will resume on Feburary 2nd.

7:30 Early Bird Class:

You know the drill, be here!

8:30 CrossFit Class:
5 Rounds for time of:

400 meter run

20 box jumps 24/20″

20 toes to bars

20 push-ups


Some ‘action’ shots from Friday’s team Fran AMRAP

South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit
South Tahoe CrossFit

Friday’s Results:

South Tahoe CrossFit
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South Tahoe CrossFit
We have SFH Fortified Protein in both vanilla and chocolate!
South Tahoe CrossFit

Friday’s CF Kids. How darn cute are they??

South Tahoe CrossFit Kids!
South Tahoe CrossFit Kids!


Friday- Team Fran

Day 5 of the Burpee Challenge

EVERYONE should at least give this Challenge a shot for 30 days. The Fire-breathers can go all the way to 100. Come on, let’s get ‘er done!

CrossFit Classes:
WOD- Team Fran
15 minute AMRAP
In teams of 2 with only 1 person working at a time complete as many rounds of:
“Frans” 21-15-9
Thrusters(95/65 lbs
as possible in 15 minutes


Intermediate Class:
Lift/Skill- Overhead squats 5-5-5
WOD- 3 rounds for time of:
500 Meter row
50 Lunges
25 Wall balls


A few pics from Thursday’s WOD…

Perry getting his goblet squats done, Scotty up the rope and Amy finishing KB swings. Nice!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Scott loving the Turkish get-ups, while Amy does goblet squats!

South Tahoe CrossFit

5pm class warming up for the WOD. Big turn-out!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Results from Thursday’s WOD below

South Tahoe Crossfit


Thursday – AMRAP

CrossFit Kids is rockin’!

The kids are getting fit and having a blast. Notice Heather Hart’s son, Kash flashin’ the guns. Is being a ham nature or nurture? The eternal question!
South Tahoe CrossFit Kids!

4th Day of the Burpee Challenge!

WOD- 20 minute AMRAP of:
10 Turkish Get-ups*
20 Goblet squats
30 Kettle-bell swings
200 Meter suitcase carry (one-handed KB carry)
1 Rope climb

* weight used for Turkish get-up will determine your Rx


Results from Wednesday’s WOD

South Tahoe CrossFit

Some ‘action’ shots from Wednesday’s Muscle-ups and Double-unders WOD:

Jason getting a round of DU’s done at 9:30:

South Tahoe CrossFit

Kyla looking good on her deadlifts prior to the WOD at noon:

South Tahoe CrossFit

This time the noon crew had to substitute pull-ups and dips
for the muscle-ups, but next time…

South Tahoe CrossFit

Nice job Brandon on the Muscle-ups!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Perfect form on Double-unders from Jack at the 5 pm class!

South Tahoe CrossFit

The Intermediate class was working hard at the noon class too!

South Tahoe CrossFit

Here are the scores for Wednesday’s WOD.

South Tahoe Crossfit


Wednesday – Deadlifts-Muscle-Ups/DU’s

Day Three of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge!

CrossFit Classes:
Lift- Dead-lifts
Take 15-20 minutes to build up to a heavy 5 rep set of dead-lifts.
Reps must be perfect to count. Remember, mechanics first, then intensity (weight).
WOD- 3 Rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-ups*
60 Double-unders

* Substitution for Muscle-ups are 3 ring dips and 3 pull-ups PER muscle-up


Intermediate Class:
WOD- 20 Minute AMRAP of:
10 Snatches
15 pull-ups
20 Squats
Row 250


Nice turn-out for Monday/Tuesday Intermediate WOD. Results below:
South Tahoe CrossFit

Some pictures of the morning class doing Chelsea:. Kyla and Tara finishing a round of push-ups.
South Tahoe CrossFit

Dane getting the pull-ups done Rx. Nice job big guy!
South Tahoe CrossFit

Ryan W got 35 rounds Rx, wow! Check out the rest of the results below. The names rubbed out were due to wall walks, oops!
South Tahoe CrossFit

The climbing wall is coming along nicely. As you can see from the picture below, Monique is hard at work setting fun and challenging new routes. In the next week or so, we’ll have a short class on some of the finer points of rock climbing and the auto-belay system. We’ll keep you posted as to the exact date!
South Tahoe CrossFit



The 100 day Burpee Challenge began on Monday.

I know that the 9:30 and noon CrossFit classes are in because they all had to do 10 burpees to warm-up! Here’s the deal: you can partition your burpees throughout the day. You don’t have to do them all at once. Also, ANY burpees during a WOD count!! Finally, if you miss a day, you can make it up the next day, so don’t sweat it if you skip a day (I wouldn’t recommend this after day 80 or so!)

Speaking of Challeneges. Our Winter Lean-out is in full swing. If you want to be part of the Challenge (it’s optional) you need to get our ‘before’ pictures taken by 1/10/2012. You can have someone at the gym take your pic or do it yourself at home. Just make sure the pics are date-stamped.

WOD- Chelsea
Every minute, on the minute do:
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

The noon class getting through Monday’s lifting WOD. Melina looking good on a Dead-lift, while Russ gets another hang power snatch done!
South Tahoe Crossfit

Brandon using the reverse grip and a perfect set-up for his Dead-lift
South Tahoe CrossFit

A shot of the Intermediate Class gettin’ done! Rowing, burpees and box-jumps. Life is sweet!
South Tahoe CrossFit

Classes are M/W/F@ 4:45 for Elementary and 6pm for teens. Get your kids into CrossFit at an early and set them on the road to a lifetime of health and fitness Remember, our members get a special rate!
South Tahoe CrossFit

Check out results from Monday’s WOD below. As usual, Dusty killed!
South Tahoe CrossFit