July 2015 CrossFitter of the Month

July's CrossFitter of the Month is Hollie Straubinger!

July’s CrossFitter of the Month is Hollie Straubinger!

So far this year, we have celebrated six individuals that epitomize the community of South Tahoe CrossFit. This month is no different. Hollie Straubinger displays all of the qualities that make this community so unique:  she is courageous and determined as she challenges herself on a daily basis.  She is genuine and celebrates others’ successes, even when her own may seem elusive.  She is a team member and plays to win.  This is Hollie.

Hollie was raised in Santa Cruz, CA.  In high school, she played Varsity Soccer and Softball.  After moving to South Lake Tahoe, Hollie discovered Roller Derby.  She joined the Tahoe Derby Dames and polished up her athletic prowess and developed some badass moves.  As captain of the Dames, Hollie was lovingly nicknamed Jin Beam as she always liked her whiskey.  For five years, she played Pivot, the last line of defense who keeps the pace for the pack.  However, as her professional career developed, and her commitments increased, she had less time to devote to her Dames.  She realized that she needed something that she could make a part of her busy lifestyle.

Hollie "Jin Beam" Straubinger

Hollie “Jin Beam” Straubinger

Her friend, and Derby Dame teammate, Kyla Long had recently joined South Tahoe CrossFit.  Kyla tried to  convince Hollie to try out a class, or two.  However, Del Lafountain sealed the deal and got her to come in the door.  They also introduced Hollie to the Whole30 nutrition program that CrossFit boxes around the world promote.  The camaraderie and the team-like structure of the classes was exactly what she was looking for.  Four years later, Hollie continues to make strides in her strength and performance.  As a member of the Administrative Services in the Finance Department for the City of South Lake Tahoe, Hollie’s work schedule only allows her to get her WOD done early in the morning.  However, even at 6:00am, the team support and constant encouragement from everyone, even on those days that no one is excited for the WOD, keeps the class feeling like a big crazy family.

Hollie’s favorite moves are double-unders and overhead squats.  I’m sure you all remember the “Disappearing Double-Unders” video that was posted on Facebook a few weeks back? You see, Hollie hates the spotlight. She was avoiding the camera as she was jump-roping. She is truly a team player that would rather be holding the line for others than bandstanding for herself.  She was not extremely happy when we gave her the news that she’d be this month’s highlighted athlete because she is so modest and self-deprecating…However, we all adore Hollie and her quiet strength.

Hollie’s favorite WODs are Nancy and the Filthy Fifty.  We did Nancy today!  Hollie is an Overhead Squat Queen and she PR’d her score.

The Queen of the OHS

The Queen of the OHS

Hollie sees herself “growing old with CrossFit.”
We see Hollie growing stronger and more fierce everyday.  Congratulations, Hollie!
We are excited to call you our CrossFitter of the Month for July.