Friday, October 7, 2016


Thanks to Aly Garwood and Mountain Resort TV Tahoe for their wonderful pre-coverage of our Barbells for Boobs event slated for next Saturday, October 15 from 9am to noon at South Tahoe CrossFit.  Bring a friend and help save a pair… You can watch the whole report below under the WOD, or on MY21TV this weekend. 

Friday’s CrossFit Conditioning class: click HERE!

joshCrossFit Class:

Hero WOD: “Josh”

21 overhead squats (95/65)
42 pull-ups
15 overhead squats (95/65)
30 pull-ups
9 overhead squats (95/65)
18 pull-ups

Thursday’s Lurong Championship WODboard:



Mobility Tuesday, December 8, 2015


  • Please bring your unwrapped toys and food donations for Christmas Cheer and Bread and Broth. We have a barrel for the toys in the gym and a box for foodstuffs, as well. Help us make the holidays a little brighter for those who need it in our local community.
  • We will be starting a CrossFit Conditioning class Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 am starting in January. This class will be structured like the Ski and Snowboard Conditioning Boot Camps we’ve held in the past several years. More details to come!!
  • Enjoy your holidays even more because the Lurong Challenge is starting in January!

Registration for the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge 2016 began today, December 7! The five week challenge begins on January 18, after the holidays and before the OPEN season begins! South Tahoe CrossFit is registered, so make sure to join the Team when you sign-up. We will be doing the 5 weeks of the Challenge together with prizes for our top performing male and female at the finale.

Sign-up here: Lurong Living Resolution Challenge 2016


Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, of North Fort Myers, Fla., assigned to the 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Advisor Group, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command at Camp Lejeune, was killed in action on July 8th, 2009 in Nimroz Province, Afghanistan, while supporting combat operations. He is survived by his wife Amy and three children, Michael, Landon and Olivia.

CrossFit Classes:

Hero WOD:


Five rounds for time of:

15 Deadlifts (225/155)
20 Box jumps (24/20)
25 Pull-ups

*35 min timecap

Monday's WODboard

Monday’s WODboard

December 2015 CrossFitter of the Month

481009_10151197425610546_1499725633_nChoosing a CrossFitter of the Month is not an easy task.  Our community of athletes here at South Tahoe CrossFit is rich in talent, strength, and determination.  This month’s CrossFitter of the Month fits all three of these descriptors, but with a dose of unassumed humility and focus.  Justin Kaplan comes to us from Princeton, New Jersey.  He’s a young man with vision and drive.  After attending business school, Justin decided to open his own restaurant.  He became a restauranteur at the age of 26, when he opened Palate, a fine dining establishment in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  Instead of relaxing and enjoying the fruits of his labor, he then decided to sell his very successful eatery and head west.  According to Justin, he wanted to “experience life before settling down.”  So, that’s what he did and the Lake Tahoe region seemed to satisfy the life experiences he envisioned!  Three years ago, he was hired as a chef for Martis Camp, a private community located in Truckee, California.  While a resident of our neighboring community, he became a member of CrossFit Avalanche and trained with Travis and Myles.


Justin blew away the competition this year at the 4th Annual Sierra Chef Challenge!

Shortly thereafter, he met Debbie Brown, the owner of Cold Water Brewery.  Not surprisingly, Justin was hired to open the new restaurant on November 21, 2014 as its Head Chef.  It’s here that he met October’s CrossFitter of the Month, Nick Hunter.  Nick had recently joined South Tahoe CrossFit and told Justin about it.

12241386_10203951649431903_5132211644378432552_nEven before his stint at CrossFit Avalanche, Justin was active and athletic.  In his youth he wrestled and ski raced.  It was in his twenties that he began competing in mud runs, like our local “Tough Mudders.”  While participating in one of these, he met some of the guys from CrossFit Newtown.  After a while, Justin joined Carousel CrossFit in Wrightstown, Pennsylvania.  When Justin moved to the West Coast, he stopped at several boxes along the way.  Overwhelmingly, the different CrossFits he visited were open and friendly.  He enjoyed each of them for their individual styles.  Justin’s first impression of South Tahoe CrossFit was that the community was super-welcoming and open to even the newest members.  He immediately jumped in and joined our unique community of athletes.  Since joining our community, Nick and he have successfully completed several Spartan Races, like the Spartan Trifecta a few weeks ago.  They have more Spartan Races planned in their future in Temecula, California and Seattle, Washington. Recently, they competed in a competition at a local “gym” where they both came in the top three places!  When asked what they do for training, Justin answered, “CrossFit.”


Justin helps prepare fruit for runners in this year’s Rock Tahoe Half Marathon.

Justin was chosen as this month’s Crossfitter of the Month because he is an amazing athlete with a huge heart.  He is super friendly and is willing to help out in any situation.  Currently, he is a volunteer wrestling coach at South Tahoe High School. He has helped STCF at a volunteer aid station for the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon.  Recently, he helped us raise over $12,000 to fight breast cancer at our Barbells for Boobs event by donating gift certificates and apparel from The Cold Water Brewery.  He also attended the event in further show of support of our athletes and our efforts.

Justin is a fantastic athlete.  His very first CrossFit WOD back in 2010 was “Fran,” 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups.  His first Fran time was a little over six minutes.  Now, he can easily do it under 3:30!  Oh, did I mention that his favorite WOD is Fran?  Go figure! 😉  The secret to his success is the mastery of body control.  Without the ability to control one’s own body weight in movements like handstand push-ups, ring dips, or squats, then more advanced movements will become elusive.  The strength one builds in the gym translates to both physical and mental strength outside this place.  He is all about “not quitting,” but rather focusing on a goal and achieving it.  Justin also enjoys the camaraderie here that is inherent to most CrossFit gyms.

We are lucky that Justin walked through our doors ten months ago.  We look forward to cheering on his future endeavors!


Make sure you tell Justin “Congratulations” when you see  him next!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Here comes another WOD for the courageous…
Good luck to you all!

Speaking of courageous, check out Renee Gorevin’s blog: caringbridge.org/visit/reneegorevin

SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to Josh's friends and family. Fair Winds, Josh.

SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed February 22, 2007 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

CrossFit Classes:

Hero WOD: Josh

For Time:
21 Overhead squats (95/65)
42 Pull-ups
21 Overhead squats (95/65)
30 Pull-ups
21 Overhead squats (95/65)
18 Pull-ups

Tuesday's WODboard

Tuesday’s WODboard

Back Squat Monday, October 19, 2015

liftandcooksSouth Tahoe CrossFit will be hosting its Barbells for Boobs 2015 this coming Saturday, October 24! Registration begins at 9:30 and the event will begin at 10:00. All are welcome to participate in the first WOD: Grace.  We will be honoring one of our first STCF members and the coolest and most kind lady you’ll ever meet, Renée Gorevin, as she battles metastatic breast cancer.  We will have a special Hero WOD in her name after Grace.  You can read her story in her own words here:  Renée’s Story

You can still donate to the cause here: Team South Tahoe CrossFit

AND/OR at the event!

If you are on Facebook, please visit our event page: Amazing Grace 2015 and RSVP.  Let us know if you plan on participating in the event in a scaled or RX division.
If you’d like to donate a gift certificate for our raffle and contest, please let us know! You can email us at info@southtahoecrossfit.com.

Thank you to everyone who has donated money, gift certificates, food, or their time to the event so far!

CrossFit Classes:

The Lift: Back Squat 20 rep max
*Adjust your weight according to your performance last week. If you made all reps try increasing weight by 5lbs or so. If you did not, then lower weight accordingly.


7 min AMRAP:
Ascending reps of:
Burpees, Toes-to-Bar, & Pull-ups

So perform:
1 burpee, 1 toes to bar, 1 pull-up
2 burpees, 2 toes to bar, 2 pull-ups
3 burpees, 3 toes to bar 3 pull-ups
*Continue adding 1 rep each round until 7 minutes has expired.

Sunday Funday WODboard! Big classes today!!

Sunday Funday WODboard! Big classes today!!