Del L.Del Lafountain, STCF Owner, is a 36 year Tahoe resident and has primarily done most of his training outdoors. He is an avid back country skier, mountain biker, and has completed over 60 Adventure Races. Upon starting CrossFit over four years ago, he has fallen in love with the challenge and commitment required to be a Master’s CrossFit Level 1 athlete.  Del competed at the CrossFit Games in the Master’s Division in 2013 and again, in 2014! He made his mark on the CrossFit Community and continues to inspire everyone around him.

Del is a Level 1 Certified instructor and has completed the Coach’s Prep Certificate, the Olympic Weightlifting Certificate, and CrossFit Competitor’s Certificate. Del runs the intermediate program at South Tahoe CrossFit and loves the challenge of turning couch potatoes into athletes.

Tom M.Tom Moldenhauer, STCF Owner, is CrossFit Level I certified and also holds CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Endurance, and CrossFit Mobility specialty certifications. He does the majority of the programming for our athletes. His background in teaching and wildland firefighting, as well as his passion for just about any sport, helps him direct the programming of the daily workouts to help our athletes improve and succeed in whatever endeavor they choose.

Photo Aug 16, 3 46 01 PMWeldon W Wulstein, CPA, and STCF Owner, has been a resident of South Lake Tahoe for the past nineteen years. He enjoys the outdoors and typical Tahoe activities like skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. Keeping in shape for these activities has been an important part of Weldon’s life.

He originally became involved with Crossfit with Tom Moldenhauer, and “drank the Kool Aid”. Weldon became a Level 1 certified coach in August of 2009 and has received his Olympic Lifting certification, as well. He recently completed the Coach’s Prep Course in the fall of 2013. Weldon’s goals as a coach are to insure the athletes are performing the movements correctly, with integrity, and having fun while doing the WOD (Work Out of the Day).

408375_10201347626356823_1912664047_nLiz Higgins has had a lifelong passion for health, nutrition and sport. Beginning with softball at the age of 5, she has continued with various sports and fitness activities to this day. Finding her passion for teaching others and her love of sports and fitness as an adult, she completed studies in fitness and nutrition at Mesa College.

Combining this education with a love of competition, she competed in fitness contests for several years; placing in the Top 10 of every show she entered. These competitions included an obstacle course, fitness skills and grace and physique rounds, which required extremely disciplined dieting and training. These experiences have given her first-hand knowledge and confidence to help others in overcoming their own obstacles to reach their goals.

Liz is a certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist from Mesa College in San Diego, as well as CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance, and CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting. More importantly, Liz is truly passionate about nutrition and educating others about the vital role it plays in feeling good and performing well in fitness and in life.

Monica R.Monica Ortega Rehn has been a resident of South Lake Tahoe for 25+ years. She grew up playing sports all her life and continued after high school on a pitching scholarship to Adams State College in Colorado. Monica found CrossFit in June of 2009 after giving birth to her second daughter. The minute she walked into “the box” she knew CrossFit was for her. LIttle did she know that it would end up being a love of her life. She received her Level 1 certification in November of 2011 and then her CrossFit Kids certification shortly thereafter.

Being a mother of two girls and a massage therapist, Monica knows how hard it is to work, be a mom, and get a good workout in. In April of 2012, she started the all-women’s “Boot Camp” that meets three days a week at 5:15AM! Her “Boot Camps” are as successful as she is. She has a true passion for helping people and it shows.

Dylan T.Dylan Thomas: Would you like to be better at what you do? Whether you are a firefighter, nurse, carpenter, police officer, or sports athlete, there is always room for improvement. Dylan is devoted to continuously asking himself and others this same question in order to achieve both personal and fitness goals. He recalls his first intro work out of the day (WOD) which involved completing as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in a 10 minute period of burpees, box jumps, and air squats… so painful, so short, and yet so sold. An instant love/hate relationship was created.

Dylan’s training experience comes from his many years of both playing and coaching football at Whittell High School. After years of playing strong safety, running back, and linebacker, he was then given the opportunity to be an assistant junior varsity coach. He later continued on to play football throughout college. After returning to the area, he coached Pop Warner football in Douglas County, discovering a passion for teaching and giving back to his community.

South Tahoe Crossfit was a natural fit for Dylan given his history with football, training, and coaching the concepts of strength, speed, and agility. He has been a dedicated member and coach of Crossfit since 2009 and continues teaching Crossfit to all walks of life. Dylan also holds certifications in Crossfit Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfit Kids. He also serves as one of the coaches for the South Tahoe High School football summer training sessions held at our box. His drive and passion comes from the instant satisfaction he gains from teaching and learning methodology of Crossfit, and all around sport specific training.

Dylan’s coaching goals: “Kill the can’t, cause yes you can!”

Monika R.Monika Renk’s life has revolved around athletics from a very young age. She grew up watching her father as a competitive cyclist and marathon runner. She was fortunate to grow up in South Lake Tahoe and quickly followed in her father’s footsteps. She started downhill ski racing at age 12 and was racing mountain bikes by age 15. Her passion for mountain sports begin to grow even more in high school when she started rock climbing and by her early 20’s was starting to explore more big mountain skiing.

In 2000 Monika became a certified strength and conditioning trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In 2009 Monika found and fell in love with Crossfit. Crossfit has changed her outlook on what it means to be healthy and fit. She feels Crossfit has opened up a new world and level of fitness that goes beyond physical capabilities. Monika feels that while one’s physical capabilities do grow immensely, a committed Crossfitter also develops great drive, a will to succeed, concentration, and self-confidence. She currently leads the Sunday Adventure WODs – a longer, endurance-style, and high intensity workout on the trails of South Lake Tahoe.

Monika’s philosophy as a trainer is to develop great focus in learning the fundamental movements in the beginning. She feels that safety and comfort is crucial at first in order to develop the confidence to move on to bigger and better things.

Tara C.Tara Chiarpotti: My name is Tara Chiarpotti and I was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe. As a local for the last 32 years, I’ve developed a great love for the outdoors. I’m an avid snowboarder and I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and pretty much any other adventurous activity that comes my way. I’ve alway enjoyed “working out” to stay in shape. However, while trying to get myself back into shape, I would often get bored with any class or gym I signed up for. I spent the last 10 years of my life trying to find a routine I could stick to that I was excited to get up and go to everyday. I began to to gain more weight, have more back pain, and lose hope that I was never going to feel fit and healthy again. It’s hard to keep up on the outdoor activities when you’re out of shape with aching body parts and a poor diet. Then about three years ago I was introduced to the most-life changing workout of my life, CrossFit!! After my first day I never looked back. It hurt so good! I drank the Kool-Aid and have been hooked ever since. I got my Level1 Certification in the summer of 2013 and couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to become a STCF trainer. It’s the best feeling to know I’m a part of someone else’s journey to health and happiness. And trust me, CrossFit IS for everyone!

Michele G.

Michele Gregory: Michele is our Crossfit yoga class and ski/snowboard dry-land training queen, as well as a Crossfit Level 1 trainer. She has studied the movement of the body for over 20 years having graduated in 1996 with a degree in Kinesiology from University of Colorado- Boulder. She has her Level 1 Functional Movement Screen certification, has over 200 hours in yoga teacher training and is a practicing massage therapist with an emphasis on therapeutic bodywork and rehabilitation of injury. Having moved to Lake Tahoe for the passion of the outdoors over 16 years ago, she loves how Crossfit translates to her outdoor sports, but she truly loves seeing members find their inner strength through Crossfit workouts and believes the confidence found through exercise changes lives.

Daunelle W.

Daunelle Wulstein: Having been raised in South Lake Tahoe, Daunelle has always been active and has loved physical competition. She was a competitive nordic skier and swimmer in high school and a competitive rower in college. She also helped coach the Nordic Ski Team at STHS for several years. Her husband helped open South Tahoe CrossFit in 2009 and she began training in their first box shortly thereafter. She soon realized why so many people love CrossFit – the Community! She became a Level 1 Certified Trainer in 2012 and then passed her Coaches’ Prep Course in 2013.  She loves helping people reach their goals and realize their inner-strength.

DurgaDylan Yuzbick (Durga) is the youngest of the South Tahoe CrossFit trainer staff. That said, his teaching and training style are rooted in the very fun, kid-like, primitive aspects of exercise and grow far into the specific and very detail oriented regions of the CrossFit training philosophy. Dylan has his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate and a very vast self sought-after athletics and exercise science background.

Born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, Dylan is 100% committed to the wonders CrossFit can do for those living the healthy and very active lifestyle he was raised upon. His personal mantra being, “To be strong,” as the sole piece of motivation for Dylan, he finds success and passion in training and teaching others the CrossFit philosophy for he knows that through it, we can recapture and rekindle our true human potentials to be as strong, on all levels, as we can be.

Dylan finds worlds of benefit not only in CrossFit, but also in the worlds of yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice, all of which seem to find their ways into his teaching and training style at South Tahoe CrossFit.

Brandon C.Brandon Caskey was convinced to give CrossFit a try in early 2010 and really just never left. Feeling somewhat fit from years of competitive cycling, endurance racing, and his newfound passion for rock climbing and skiing; CrossFit was a huge wake up call. He noticed right away where all of his weaknesses were – and immediately set his mind to filling those holes in his fitness. Getting into the CrossFit gym, he found, turns out to be a great solution for being prepared to tackle most facets of our incredible mountain sports lifestyle.

“I coach because I love to see people dig deep and realize that they are truly capable of way more than they believe . . . pushing past limits we place on ourselves, breaking mental barriers and opening up a whole new world of confidence and opportunity. I also really enjoy seeing people start on their path to a healthier lifestyle and new fitness goals – no matter if you’re planning a major climbing expedition or just wanting to keep up with your kids on the ski hill.”

Still firmly and proudly attached to his North Carolina roots, Brandon absolutely loves calling the playground of South Lake Tahoe his home.

Justin B.

Justin Bruce has been a trainer since 2013. He’s been crossfitting for 2 years. Originally from Massachusetts, he has a background in football, wrestling and lacrosse, as well as several years of gymnastics. Justin enjoys participating in CrossFit for the constant challenge and promise of improving oneself. He enjoys teaching CrossFit for many reasons: seeing others improve, and helping them on their path to fitness and a healthier quality of life.