November 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

photo18This month’s CrossFitter of the Month was born and raised in Libertyville, a suburb north of Chicago, a true Cubs fan who saw her team go all the way and win the World Series this year!  You also wouldn’t know that this young lady worked a corporate job in Chicago for four years.  However, BAM!  Just like that, her life changed!! While visiting a good friend in Long Beach, California, Beth Wunderlich, had an epiphany:  she needed a change because, geez, life is too short!  So, she packed up her stuff, left the Windy City for sunny SoCal, and started school again; this time, for a teaching credential at Cal State Long Beach.  What guts!!  Not only was it a huge challenge to go back to school after being in the corporate world, but to be self-sufficient while going to school is something that Beth had to get used to, and very quickly.  Once she received her PE credential, she began applying for positions up and down the coast of California, as Beth had discovered that she loved the beach.  Unfortunately, the only position that offered an interview to Beth was one up in the mountains of northern California, in a little place called South Lake Tahoe.  Beth was hired at South Tahoe Middle School as a PE teacher in 2012.

I wish we could say that Beth immediately found South Tahoe CrossFit and started her high elevation fitness career with us.  But, alas, no.  Beth joined another gym [sigh] thinking that it would be like other gyms she had been visiting in Long Beach.  She tried to find the fun in fitness, but ended up a bit bored with her (then) current routine.  Without workout buddies to encourage her in classes that most knew her name, Beth tried a little yoga.  And, said like a true CrossFitter, Beth found that “yoga was just hard.”  So, Beth walked into our place at the end of August, 2015. Unlike most, Beth wasn’t the least bit afraid of walking into a CrossFit gym.  She had tried CrossFit through a “groupon” while working on her credential in Southern California, and was “box” shopping with a friend prior to her relocation to Tahoe.  We are sure glad she moved here and joined our community!

Last year's Team OPEN Comps - Beth was on Team Superheroes!

Last year’s Team OPEN Comps – Beth was on Team Superheroes!

13681033_1223785130967209_7666434350196159617_nBeth was chosen as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month because of her “Can Do” spirit.  If any of you saw the video we posted earlier in the week as an example of Beth’s determination, you’d understand how far this lady has come.  She had some overwhelming fears…but with consistent work and loads of effort, she now “can do” box jumps and rope climbs!  She loves the teamwork behind the workouts and her attitude reflects this, as well.  We are inspired by Beth and her ability to simply smile, laugh, and try again!

Beth’s favorite CrossFit movements are pull-ups and rope climbs. She abhors the bike…but don’t we all?  She also doesn’t love lifting.  She really likes body weight movements, although she is starting to like (don’t tell anyone…) clean and jerks!

As far as WODs are concerned, she loves long WODs: chippers, EMOMs, Hero WODs… But not too much lifting… 😉

Beth has some goals in the gym.  She’d like to change her rope climbing technique for a more efficient ascent.  She also has her sights set on that 14 pound wallball!  She’d like to get better at her kipping pull-ups, toes-to-bar, and snatches.. She also sees a small-ish competition in the near future.  Maybe New Kids in the Box, maybe something else.  She would have competed in our Turkey Throwdown this month, but her dad is coming from Chicago to visit that weekend!  Next year… and maybe she’ll be enjoying those lifts by then!


Beth takes advantage of everything Tahoe has to offer: skiing, hiking, biking, and CrossFit!! Congratulations to Beth!!

Please help us congratulate Beth Wunderlich for being this month’s CrossFitter of the Month.  Her persistence and drive inspires all of us to keep progressing and keep working toward those goals that instill fear – no matter how scary they may seem in the beginning!  Congratulations!!