March 2017 CrossFitter of the Month

14040203_10153750689307409_4878878380825105779_nBefore announcing this month’s CrossFitter of the Month, I must apologize for the tardiness of the announcement.  We all have excuses, and yes, mine got the best of me… I especially apologize to this particular athlete as she knew of her selection last month but had to wait a month for her featured article to be published.  So, without further ado, or excuse, we’d like to celebrate Michele Gordon as this month AND last month’s CrossFitter of the Month!

Two years ago, Michele was invited to Tahoe by a friend. While in town, she watched her friend participate in South Tahoe CrossFit’s first Barbells for Boobs competition.  Michele was a bit overwhelmed…those weights sure looked heavy!  Fast forward two years and some change and here’s Michele now:


Michele was born and raised in the “armpit of Arkansas,” or eastern Arkansas, near the border by Memphis, Tennessee.  Like several of our athletes, Michele has always been a runner, having started running for recreation while she attended college in Arkansas.  However, in 2003, after Michele moved to Folsom after ten years of raising kids in  Texas, she began training for triathlons.  The transition to an extreme runner from that of a mother chasing her kids around, wasn’t as difficult as she had thought it would be.  It came naturally to her as she had always been active.  She soon had two Ironman Competitions under her belt.  Unfortunately, the constant training became less exciting and lonely.  Michele began to experience a bit of a “burn out.” Shortly thereafter, Michele moved to Tahoe to be near her boyfriend and was looking for a community of people to train with. Her friend, who originally invited her to Barbells for Boobs, suggested she give Crossfit a try so in July of 2016, she signed up for her first Elements class at South Tahoe CrossFit with Tom.

photo2-14Since joining CrossFit, she feels like she is in “better shape and overall fitness than when [she] was seriously training [for triathlons].”  When she told me that she was fifty years old, I didn’t believe her. Then she mentioned that she has two children, ages 25 and 20 and that she’s a grandmother of a five year old; that’s when my jaw dropped.  She said that “everything feels better” now that she’s been doing CrossFit for a few years.  She still runs, but now her recovery from long competitions, like the Spartan Race and the California International Marathon she ran a few months ago, is so much easier. Michele is a real testament to the benefits of cross training.

photo1-8When I asked her what her favorite movements in the gym were, she explained that she really enjoys chest-to-bar pull-ups and kettle bell swings. She struggles with snatches, particularly squat snatches, but who doesn’t?  (well, there are a few of you out there that make them look easy…and we love you for that!…but the rest of us are like Michele.) Even with the struggle, she still likes to work on them…The only movement that Michele will not and cannot enjoy is the burpee.  She abhors burpees.  I asked her what was her favorite WOD and she replied, “Anything without burpees!”  Okay then!

photo1-20This Southern girl was chosen as our CrossFitter of the Month because she is consistent and she continues to make great improvements both in her lifts and her gymnastic movements!  As a project manager, she often has to “leave the hill” for work.  However, as soon as she is home, she gets herself to the noon class at the gym.  It’s here that she finds her strength to set new goals, like running another Ironman in the next few months!



Team 80’s, represented by Michele and Trainer Liz, and Team 60’s, represented by MaryAnne, meet on the gym floor for the next few weeks during the 2017 Team Open Competition!

Please congratulate Michele when you see her…We are fortunate to have such great members (who also have such great patience – like Michele, waiting on this article…)!  We are proud of you, Michele!  Keep up the great work!