February 2016 Core Challenge

029Doing the following  movements everyday, or at least every time you are in the gym, will help prepare you for the Open workouts…and you want to be ready for the Open, right???
(These movements are usually in the Open!!)

4 minute EMOMs:

Week 1:  Every 30 sec:
4 Knee Raises or
4 knees to Elbows or
4 Toes to Bar

Week 2:
5 Knee Raises or
5 knees to Elbows or
5 Toes to Bar

Week 3:
6 Knee Raises or
6 knees to Elbows or
6 Toes to Bar

Week: 4:
7 Knee Raises or
7 knees to Elbows or
7 Toes to Bar