December 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

photo4This month’s CrossFitter of the Month has been described as “dedicated.”  He has a consistently positive attitude about his workouts and his fellow athletes. Since joining South Tahoe CrossFit almost a year ago, he has become an almost daily fixture in the six or seven o’clock classes. Meet December’s CrossFitter of the Month:  Christian Munson.

photo21Christian and his wife, Natasha, moved to South Lake Tahoe at the turn of the century; 2001 to be exact.  Having left the heat of Arizona for the mountains and clean air of Lake Tahoe, Christian was hired at Barton as an ER Nurse.  He has been with Barton for thirteen years now.  He and “Tash” have three children in our local school district.

Christian was always athletic.  As a young man, he played collegiate football at Wagner.  When he wasn’t on the field, he was making gains in the gym…As a self-professed “gym rat” for most of his life, Christian shared that he never loved the “creepy gym vibe” he felt in of the places he has trained.  When asked what that meant, he explained that this “vibe” occurs as everyone is pumping iron and watching everyone else.  That does sound a bit “creepy.”  Luckily, about ten months ago, he and his wife decided to try out South Tahoe CrossFit.

photo3Aside from no mirrors to catch glimpses of one’s fellow athletes getting all “swole,” Christian immediately noticed a difference in the athletes at our CrossFit.  Instead of competing against each other, the members compete WITH each other, and support one another.  Christian shares the moment he got his first bar muscle-up:  “I couldn’t believe it.  People were cheering and clapping for me.  It was pretty cool.”  The camaraderie of the communities in each of the classes can’t be found in a normal gym.  Christian went on to explain that while everyone comes to class with different skills, strengths, and fitness-levels, the level of competition remains strong.  Moreover, with that competition comes respect for the different goals and achievement of those goals that people set for themselves.  It is a very supportive community.

photo12Some of Christian’s favorite movements in CrossFit include body-weight movements like pull-ups and push-ups.  When asked what lifts he prefers, he immediately responded with “Thrusters!”  Wow!  That’s not a typical answer!  He explained that he enjoys them…again, that’s not a typical response in the CrossFit community at large.  But, then again, isn’t that what makes this community so great?

Hero WODs like “Murph” remain at the top of Christian’s list of favorite WODs.  Why?  Because these types of WODs (typically named after a fallen soldier or law enforcement officer) push us harder than we normally would push ourselves.  These are typically more brutal and longer in terms of a daily WOD.

photo14When asked what types of goals Christian has set for himself for this next few months, he would like to get his wife back into the gym.  She suffered an injury a few months back but hopes to return soon.  Christian would also like to just “keep mastering” those movements he hasn’t mastered yet.  With Christian’s commitment and effort, I am sure he will achieve those goals he has set his sights on.  This is one of the reasons he was chosen as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month.  According to Weldon Wulstein, one of the owners of South Tahoe CrossFit, Christian rarely misses his morning CrossFit class.  He is “dedicated to coming to class” and always has a quiet yet strong “can-do” attitude.  One of our trainers, Dylan Thomas, described Christian as someone who “loves to work hard; he stays safe within his limits, and he never quits.”  Dylan went on to say that Christian is “a joy to work with.”  Members of the early morning classes would agree with Weldon and Dylan.  Nick Barclay, a regular at the 6am or 7am class, got to know Christian better this summer doing 400 meters of lunges.  He remembers exchanging life stories with Christian each 200 meters.  When asked to describe Christian, Nick said, he is “f-ing awesome!  He is a constant source of inspiration to me.  When a WOD is kicking my ass and I feel like taking it easy, I will look over and he is kicking ass so I keep going.”


Dylan, Christian, and Nick!

When asked for any parting words, Christian wanted Dylan to know how much he appreciates the “gangsta rap”  he gets to workout to at 0600!  Yeah, we all love Dylan’s choices in music!!

If you see Christian, please make sure you congratulate him… We are honored to call Christian December’s CrossFitter of the Month!!