Workout of the Day

Mobility Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Mobility Classes are at noon and 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday.  Make sure to RSVP through WODhopper to reserve your spot.

CrossFit Classes:

The WOD:

For time:
400m Run
15 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
3 Rope Climbs
400m Run
12 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
2 Rope Climbs
400m Run
9 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
1 Rope Climb

Monday’s WODboard:


Vanessa and JW visited us from the Netherlands this afternoon! WOW!! Very cool!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday’s CrossFit Class:
Back Squat 4×5
Every 3 minutes perform 5 squats for 4 rounds. We will be performing back squats at increasing weights at the same rep scheme every Monday and Thursday for the next 3 weeks. If you know your 1 rep max start with 75% of that weight. Otherwise use this session to get a good starting weight figured out.

The WOD:
8 min AMRAP
15 pull-ups
20 push-ups

Monday’s CrossFit Conditioning Class:


1) Squats
Mtn Climbers
Sit Ups

2) Dumbbell Push Press
Lateral Box Jumps
Russian Twists with Weight
Jumping Lunges

3) Kettle Bells
Push Ups
Ring Rows
Wall Balls

Share the Kool-Aid Sunday, July 24, 2016


Do you want to “something you’ve never had”?  Then come join us!!* Share the Kool-Aid, formally called “Share the Pain,” is the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of every month and EVERY SUNDAY of the month. South shore locals may try any class for free during these three days and EVERY SUNDAY, too.** Come in and see what we are all about at South Tahoe CrossFit!
Sunday’s Schedule of Classes:
8:00-11:00 Open Gym
8:30-9:30 CrossFit Class
10:00-11:00 CrossFit Class
*excluding Friday’s Lifting Class at 6pm
**visiting CrossFitters will still need to pay the drop-in fee

Saturday, July 23, 2016


We have many new faces in the gym this summer!!  Thanks to everyone for making our newest members, Matt, Will, Nick, Jenny, Lucia, Miles, Drew, Griffin, Jose, Skyler, and Michele, feel welcome and part of the STCF community!  Thanks also to all of our members for making all of our guests feel like family!! We have the best community of CrossFitters!!

Saturday’s WOD:

For time:
100 double-unders
50 kettle bell swings 53/35
25 thrusters 95/65
50 sit-ups
100 double-unders

Friday’s WODboard:


Friday, July 22, 2016


Friday’s CrossFit Conditioning Class, click HERE.

CrossFit Classes:

The Lift: Snatch EMOM 12 min
1st 4 min – perform 2 squat snatches @ 70% 1RM
2nd 4 min – perform 2 squat snatches @ 75% 1RM
3rd 4 min – perform 2 squat snatches @ 80% 1RM

for time:
Row 500 m
Bike .7 miles
Run 400 meters

Thursday’s WODboard:


1 2 3 333