The Monthly Challenge

August 2015 Monthly Core Challenge

 Like last month, we are revisiting an earlier Core Challenge, February’s, but with some additional work!
We hope that you have been enjoying these workouts and that you’ve been working on your core!
Time to Get Sweaty!

This month we will be using the plank to help us get our cores in shape!

Each day you will do 5 movements per set: side touches, knees to elbows, plank walk-ups, side planks with a twist, and 20 second plank holds.

Each movement will be done 10 times total (5 times alternating on each side).

Rest for 30 seconds between each set, if necessary.

These exercises can be done at the gym or at home.

Week One (August 2-8)  Two sets daily
Week Two (August 9-15) Three sets daily
Week Three (August 16-22) Four sets daily
Week Four (August 23-29) Five sets daily

Here’s Michele explaining the movements:

June 2015 Core Challenge

“Windshield Wipers & Side-to-Side Heel Reaches”

30 seconds of Windshield Wipers
30 seconds of Side-to-Side Heel Reaches
-with or without weights
See video below for demonstration:

Do 2 sets each week. Increase in time each week:

June 1-7 : 30 seconds each Movement
June 8-14 : 40 seconds each Movement
June 15-21: 50 seconds each Movement
June 22-28: 60 seconds each Movement

May 2015 Monthly Core Challenge

“Hollow Rocks with a Twist”
photo1(21)1 Set = 10 Hollow Rocks with hands behind your head.  Each time the upper body comes up, twist to one side then the other side while keeping the legs straight and off of the ground.  See video below for details:

Week 1: (May 3-9)

  • 2 Sets of 10

Week 2: (May 10-16)

  • 2 Sets of 15

Week 3: (May 17-23)

  • 2 Sets of 20

Week 4: (May 24-31)

  • 2 Sets of 25


April 2015 Monthly Core Challenge

Planks & Toes

April's Core Challenge will be accessible on our website this evening! Watch the video for information on how to do the movements!

April’s Core Challenge! Watch the video below for information on how to do the movements! Sorry the video is SIDEWAYS!! 🙁

Week 1: (April 1-6)

  • 12 Side Plank Crunches
  • 12 Straight Leg Toe Crunches
  • 12 Side Plank Crunches (other side)

Week 2: (April 7-13)

  • 24 Side Plank Crunches
  • 24 Straight Leg Toes Crunches
  • 24 Side Plank Crunches (other side)

Week 3: (April 14-20)

  • 36 Side Plank Crunches
  • 36 Straight Leg Toes Crunches
  • 36 Side Plank Crunches (other side)

Week 4: (April 21-27)

  • 48 Side Plank Crunches
  • 48 Straight Leg Toes Crunches
  • 48 Side Plank Crunches (other side)

Week 5: (April 28, 29, 30-no whining…it’s only three days!)

  • 60 Side Plank Crunches
  • 60 Straight Leg Toes Crunches
  • 60 Side Plank Crunches (other side)