The Monthly Challenge

February 2016 Core Challenge

029Doing the following  movements everyday, or at least every time you are in the gym, will help prepare you for the Open workouts…and you want to be ready for the Open, right???
(These movements are usually in the Open!!)

4 minute EMOMs:

Week 1:  Every 30 sec:
4 Knee Raises or
4 knees to Elbows or
4 Toes to Bar

Week 2:
5 Knee Raises or
5 knees to Elbows or
5 Toes to Bar

Week 3:
6 Knee Raises or
6 knees to Elbows or
6 Toes to Bar

Week: 4:
7 Knee Raises or
7 knees to Elbows or
7 Toes to Bar

December 2015 Monthly Core Challenge


For this December, we will be performing Supine Toes-to-Bar and Side-to-Sides in rounds.
One round equals 10 supine toes-to-bar or 20 side-to-sides.

Week One: Two Rounds  (Nov. 30 – 6)

Week Two: Three Rounds (Dec. 7 – 13)

Week Three: Four Rounds (Dec. 14 – 20)

Week Four: Five Rounds (Dec. 21 – 27)

Week Five: Six Rounds (Dec. 28 – Jan. 3)

November 2015 Monthly Core Challenge

Weighted Sit-Ups and Windmills


This month’s Core Challenge is fun and easy to do! (said no one ever!!) 😉
But, seriously, you have no excuses for this one! Pick up your kid, your dog, or anything with a little weight and do these exercises at home if you can’t make it to the gym!

Here’s the set breakdown for this month:
Here’s Michele explaining the movements:

October 2015 Monthly Core Challenge

hawaiiThis month’s Core Challenge takes us to the tropical island of Kauai in the Hawaiian chain.
Oh, just kidding! Michele and Del are there, not us.
But, at least they didn’t add any swaying palm trees or Hawaiian music to our demonstration video.
That would have been cruel. Enjoy!

*Finish this week with September’s GHDs and Back Extensions. Week One of this new challenge begins Sunday, October 4th!

“Hollow Rocks with a Twist with a Two-Count Down”

Week One (Oct 4-10): Two sets of 10

Week Two (Oct 11-17): Three sets of 10

Week Three (Oct 18-24): Four sets of 10

Week Four (Oct 25-31): Five sets of 10

September 2015 Core Challenge

September 2015 Monthly Core Challenge

This month’s core challenge revisits a past challenge with GHDs and Back Extensions. If you’re a “newbie,” please make sure you have watched the demonstration below and then decrease the sets (as recommended each week).

For this challenge, you will be doing sets of 10 GHDs (Glute-Hamstring-Developers) and 10 Back Extensions as one set of work. If you are new to GHDs, you will do one set fewer than veteran athletes. Also, if you can’t make it into the gym, you may substitute sit-ups for GHDs and Supermans for Back Extensions.

See the photo below for Weekly sets:

photo1(87)Here is Michele explaining this month’s new challenge: