CrossFitter of the Month

September 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

This month’s CrossFitter of the Month is a fighter.  Here is Lacey Leonard, as she attempts at, fights for, and then succeeds with her first bar muscle-up during last year’s Open Competition (photo credits to Christos Christoudias):
photo2(139)Look at that smile! Talk about sheer joy!  We chose Lacey to represent us this month because of this smile, this attitude, and this level of inspiration.  Her love of a good challenge keeps her fighting the good fight.  Like yesterday, while most of us were barbecuing and drinking a cold one, Lacey was in the gym getting her very first set of strict ring muscle-ups!  What? Yep… That’s right!  Perseverance, determination, and commitment – these three words sum up Ms. Leonard.

Not sure if many of you know this, but Lacey was born in New Jersey!  She moved to Tahoe when she was quite young, allowing her to develop a more west coast-accent.  😉 As an almost native Tahoan, Lacey attended Al Tahoe Elementary School (before it was an annex to the school district), South Tahoe Middle School, and graduated in 2005 from South Tahoe High School.  She left Tahoe for a brief stint while she went to college in Phoenix.  She received her undergraduate degree from ASU.   Lacey might have been enamored by the sun of Arizona, but it was the cool mountain breezes of Tahoe that beckoned her home.  She moved back after college, and then communted to Marysville, CA while working on her X-Ray license.  She currently works for Carson Valley Medical Center and Barton Hospital as an MRI tech.


Cassy and Lacey, Superheroes-in-Training!

In and out of school, Lacey was always active.  If she wasn’t swimming on the city club team, she was kicking around a soccer ball with the local AYSO.  Once in high school, she turned in her soccer cleats for a tennis raquet and track shoes.  After high school, she took up mountain biking and rock climbing. When asked how and why she walked through our doors, she mentioned Jenn Galea.  Jenn, a co-worker and friend, had been trying to get Lacey to try out a class for a while. Lacey signed up for the Ski Conditioning Class and met Cassy Burnside.  The two of them decided to see what the rest of the box was all about.  That was almost two years ago.  Monika Renk took these ladies through Elements, and despite being a little nervous about getting hurt, Lacey was hooked.  Two years in, and she has already competed in two functional fitness competitions:  New Kids in the Box.  She loved these events and hopes to compete in more, especially if there is swimming involved!

photo4(71)Like many of our members, she has natural athleticism. However, being a natural can only take one so far.  She is determined to do better, pushes herself further, and accomplishes what she sets out as her goal.  She is also extremely unassuming.  I wish I had recorded her reaction upon discovering that she was to be this month’s athlete.  She was shocked, to say the least, and questioned our selection.  She is amazing.


Deadlift Ladder at the 2016 NKIB

For Lacey, anything difficult is fun.  Her favorite movements include pull-ups, handstand push-ups, rope climbs, and double-unders.  Her very first WOD is still her favorite:  a 30 minute AMRAP of rope climbs and push-ups.  (I remember that WOD…only because my arms felt like they were going to detach from my body fifteen minutes into the workout!!)

When asked if she has any future goals, she simply stated, “To continue to have fun and improve!”  That’s really why we all do this, right?  Oh, and to get that strict muscle-up… (did I mention that she got it, today?)

We selected Lacey because she is a strong and determined young lady.  She, like all of our past Athletes of the Month, continues to inspire all of us not only because of the work she does, but also because of her attitude and spirit of competition.


Make sure you tell Lacey “Congratulations!” when you see her!!


August 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

IMG_4646This month’s CrossFitter of the Month is more thin-skinned than most…some would say he’s a bit dull, even flat.  However, he finds himself flush in the center of attention because of his winning smile and his uncomplicated personality, plus he fits into any small space.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.56.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.54.52 PM Like many of our athletes and well-rounded locals, this month’s athlete loves adventure.  You might find him on the back of a bike, (as long as it’s not a fast bike) or even playing hide and seek with the neighbor’s kids.  He greets every new situation with the same expression:  pure joy!  This is what we love about this athlete.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.56.16 PMHe’s super helpful; maybe you need a spotter?  some shade?   He’ll be there for you.  He is always up for anything and can be found anywhere there’s a party, as long as you bring him. The owners chose this athlete because they love having him around. He never complains about one of Tom’s WODs or even Dylan’s warm-ups.  Instead, he goes where he’s needed. Sometimes we all wish we were a little more easy-going and simple as this athlete.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.55.49 PMWhen we told him he was this month’s CrossFitter of the Month, he looked at me with a blank face!   He was speechless! So, here he is:  with one week left of August, we have just enough time to introduce this one-dimensional, flimsy yet profound athlete:  FlatJack!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.56.34 PMMake sure to congratulate FlatJack when you see him hanging around the gym.  If you have your picture taken with FlatJack, please post with #flatjackslt and @flatjackslt

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.55.05 PM

FlatJack is always a hit with the ladies!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.55.28 PM

FlatJack is always up for any adventure!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.56.06 PM

FlatJack is rarely seen “flat out chillen” like he is here!


July 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

Since January of 2015, we have chosen to highlight one member a month who epitomizes the hallmarks of a CrossFit athlete:  commitment, camaraderie, and community.  These athletes all are driven to push themselves past their own limits while encouraging others to do the same, either by cheering others on, holding others accountable, and/or helping others meet their goals.  All inspire us to get to the “box,” work on those skills that are challenging, and stop letting our excuses get the best of us.  This month’s CrossFitter of the Month, Tiara Wasner, works consistently on her health and well-being both in and out of the gym.  For all intents and purposes, Tiara truly captures the essence of a CrossFitter: she loves the competition and fun of the sport.  However, not many of us know the physical challenge Tiara lives with despite her amazing attitude and fortitude.  Let me introduce you to Tiara:

photo2(132)Born and raised in Carlsbad, California, Tiara played a few team sports growing up, but really took to water polo and swimming.  She continued her water polo career until her junior year at California State University, Long Beach.  After graduating in 2003, Tiara worked in Los Angeles for a few years in public relations/marketing.  In 2006, she landed a job as a PR Consultant for a firm who allowed her to work remotely;  looking for adventure she decided to pack up everything and move to South Lake Tahoe.  Tiara knew no one when she transplanted herself to the Tahoe Basin.  Like many, she planned on staying through the ski season, at least.  However, she met some friends who soon introduced her to Nick, her husband of now four years.  Nick, like Tiara, had only planned on staying in Tahoe for one ski season before moving on.  Now, Tiara and Nick have a 17 month old daughter, Emerson, reason enough to stay and play in Tahoe, but also careers that allow them to call Tahoe their home.  When she’s not in the box, you can find her hiking, biking, etc. with her daughter in tow.

photo3(84)Because Tiara had been so active in college, she didn’t actually gain the “Freshman Fifteen” until after college when new life stresses pushed physical activity aside.  When she got engaged, she decided, like many soon-to-be-brides, that she’d like to get into better shape.  She had seen a competition advertised by a local “globo” gym, a standard, large-scale gym. She joined a weight-loss competition at a local gym and began training with a personal trainer.  When another personal trainer disclosed that she should go to CrossFit now that she’s “fit enough,” she dragged her friend along to a “Share the Kool-Aid” Sunday.  Tiara remembers the workout well; it was a chipper that Weldon had derived for a longer Sunday session.  She loved it, and at that moment knew that she had found her new gym.  Besides the great workout, I asked Tiara if the gym had made any other impressions on her:  Del, our poster child for all things CrossFit, in crutches!  Luckily, Tiara didn’t let the crutches scare her off from our gym!  She joined the gym that next week and then discovered a few weeks later that she was pregnant.  She continued to workout until she was 32 weeks along, but then took time off for her new baby and new family.  Tiara has now been consistently training for a year.

The story above is an example of a common misconception that many of the general public hold.  “One must be fit to start CrossFit,” is how the adage goes.  Tiara can tell you that this belief is absolutely false.  Yes, she was in good shape when she started CrossFit, but Tiara had limitations.  She was born with a heart defect that required two open heart surgeries by the time she was five years old.  She was not supposed to play sports.  She was not supposed to ever lift weights.  Her parents selected activities she could participate in because of this physical limitation.   Doctors told Tiara to expect a third surgery by the time she reached 40.  At 34, Tiara’s cardiologist recently told her that whatever she’s been doing, keep doing it!  For Tiara, being selected as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month allows us to tell her story.  It’s one of perseverance and courage.  “Don’t stop yourself just because you have a medical issue, but always listen to your body” is Tiara’s mantra.  CrossFit has helped Tiara get into the best shape she’s been in since college because it allows for universal scalability, competition with ourselves and others, and the support and accountability of other like-minded individuals.  It’s like playing sports with your favorite teammates.


Tiara had just completed nine bar muscle-ups! What a strong and determined lady!!

Tiara’s favorite movements are strict pull-ups and back squats.  She says that pull-ups have changed her life and have made many other movements much easier.  She loves back squats and hopes to successfully squat 200 pounds within the next two months, which would be a personal record!   She used to avoid wall balls like the plague, but recently, after doing countless EMOMs under Del’s direction, she is linking several shots together.  Double-unders still elude her and that dreaded bike…

Like many athletes, her favorite WODs are chippers; she loves scratching a movement off her list before moving on to the next one.  There’s something satisfying about that, for sure.

Here's Tiara a year and a month apart: April 2015 and May 2016 - after the Memorial Day Murph!

Here’s Tiara a year and a month apart: April 2015 and May 2016 – after the Memorial Day Murph!

In the near future, Tiara hopes to link some ring muscle-ups together.  She is going to be competing at this year’s New Kids in the Box competition hosted by Carson City CrossFit.  I have a feeling that Tiara will do well in this and other competitions in the future because “if you want it bad enough, you will push through.  Sometimes it’s gonna hurt,” explains Tiara.  For example, during this year’s 16.4 Open WOD, (thrusters and bar-facing burpees), Tiara literally wanted to cry and give up.  She “got out of her head” though, and pushed through.  Tiara is an example of someone who fights against the odds.  I hope she inspires others to give up the excuses and choose health.  Remember, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Please congratulate Tiara when you see her around the box.  Also, please come out and cheer her and other athletes on from our gym on July 16 at the New Kids competition.


Emerson and Mommy in Hawaii this past spring.




June 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

“The hardest movement is moving myself, but that’s getting easier.” – Nick Barclay, when asked what his favorite “CrossFit” movement is.
photo4(61)Nick Barclay joined South Tahoe CrossFit on September 22, 2015, shortly after his father had suffered a heart attack.  Like many of us, the idea of our mortality is something that eludes us, until something serious happens.  Nick examined his own life and health and decided to get both into shape.  Knowing that he flourishes in a team environment, he decided to join the CrossFit community of athletes to “get [my] ass kicked.”  Since that day in September when Trainer Patrick took him through Elements, Nick has lost over 50 pounds and has regained control over his health.  Nick was chosen as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month because he has commitment and conviction.  It’s not easy and he doesn’t always love the “stuff” his trainers put him through, but he continues to do it all, six days a week.   Nick represents us all in this battle for our health.  It’s always an uphill battle, but giving up the fight is not an option.   Let me introduce you to Nick:


Michele and Nick…about to celebrate their third anniversary…Wednesday, July 27, 2016!

DSC_0384(1)Born during a giant snowstorm back in March of 1983, Nick Barclay grew up a south shore local.  He attended both Meyers Elementary School (now known as LTESMS), Al Tahoe Elementary School, South Tahoe Middle School, and South Tahoe High School.  He was a good kid, on the outside.  Academically, he was an Honors student and one of my memorable freshmen Honors English students back in 1997.   (If you know Nick, you know why I used the word “memorable”!!)  Athletically, he was captain of the football team and ran track and field.  Not surprising, however, was that he was a bit of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  With glee, he reminded me that he had never had a detention while in high school.  Nick just had that way about him.  He knew the system and how to play the game.  He graduated and attended Humboldt State University where he began playing rugby, and “perfected his beer drinking skills.” After receiving his MBA from Humboldt, he tended bar for a few years in Arcata, California.  In 2009, he packed up and headed to Reno to start a PhD program in “Educational Leadership.”  While in Reno, he reconnected with a group of old friends from Tahoe, some with whom he attended elementary school.  One lady in particular, Michele, a hard working server at Ernie’s, had always been a good friend of Nick’s.  They were in the same second grade class, and they had shared high school science courses, as well.  The two of them began dating whilst Nick worked on his graduate work.  In 2012, Nick moved back to South Lake Tahoe and began dating Michele in earnest.  The two were married on July 27, 2013,which was the “happiest day in [his] life,” according to Nick.  (He wanted me to know that this year’s anniversary falls on a Wednesday…yeah, Michele, he hasn’t forgotten the date yet! Impressive, Nick! Really impressive!)

When Nick’s father had the heart attack, Nick picked up the phone and got an appointment with Patrick to immediately start Elements.  When he first walked into the gym, his first impression was not positive, well, maybe a little bit?  He remembers that it was “terrible, but exactly what I needed.”  Since September, Nick has attended the 6:00 am class religiously.  It’s his jam, his peeps, or his “workout buddies” that keep him motivated.  Lately though, he has a new motivation:  New Kids in the Box, a local competition for newer CrossFit athletes hosted by Carson City CrossFit.  Del has been training all the “New Kids” and sees serious potential in Nick.  We are excited to cheer on Nick and others this July 16 in Carson City, Nevada!!

photo3(80)Some of Nick’s favorite movements in lifting are the deadlift and most squats.  Recently, Nick performed five deadlifts at 425lbs which left him doubting that his one rep. max was 465lbs.  It’s probably much heavier now.  His back and front squats are equally as impressive with his back squat nearing 400lbs soon and his front squat at 300lbs.  Unfortunately, like most, his overhead squat leaves something to be desired.

Nick’s favorite WODs include everything but burpees and running.  It’s here that he lamented how difficult it was to move himself, but that it’s “getting easier.”

Nick’s commitment to his health will continue into the future. He wants to lose more weight and is currently participating in the summer Lurong Challenge.  While he sees the benefits of eating clean, he would still like to one day discover a place where “beer and hot wings are healthy.”  Good luck with that, and if you find that place, please send us the pin so we can all visit!  Nick’s life goals consist of finishing that damn dissertation so that he can finally be called “Dr. Barclay.”  He would also love to start a family now that he has the perfect wife, perfect job (he is an analyst for Lake Tahoe Community College), and perfect community.  We are convinced that he will celebrate all of his goals soon… that’s just the type of guy he is.


Nick with some of his 6am “workout buddies” during this year’s OPEN Team Competition. Nick was on Weldon’s Team 80’s Rock!!

When I was finally able to interview him for this article, Nick wanted me to thank “everyone involved…as he is happy to be involved with this community.”  He went on to remind me that no, he’s not really South Tahoe CrossFit’s CrossFitter of the Month, but rather it’s CrossFitter of the 2/3 of the Month.  Yeah, he is the same Nicholas Barclay I had as an Honors English student at South Tahoe High School oh so many years ago… OH, and he wanted to give a “shout out” to Dylan Thomas for laughing at his jokes – which are definitely not that funny!

Please help us congratulate Nick Barclay as June’s CrossFitter of the Month!  We are honored that he is part of our community of people who are committed to taking back their lives!!
14 Hiking Haleakala Viking in a Volcano

May 2016 CrossFitter of the Month

This month’s CrossFitter of the Month grew up in Cavite City, in the Phillipines. At nine years old, she moved to South Lake Tahoe with her three brothers. Her mother had recently remarried and their stepfather brought them to the states to rejoin the newlyweds.    She attended Al Tahoe Elementary School, South Tahoe Middle School, and South Tahoe High School, where she graduated in 1996.  She fondly remembers her high school English teacher, Mrs. Wulstein, who had them read The Joy Luck Club, which is still her favorite book.  😉  While in school, this athlete ran track, including sprints and hurdles. She continued running after graduating and while working at Harvey’s Resort and Casino in various positions, from hostessing at the buffet to the front desk.  It was at Harvey’s in 1997 that she met her future husband, Raul. In 2001, she and Raul married and began their family. They have two chilren, Alexis (11) and Noah (8).  Raul has always been supportive of her interests, especially CrossFit.


Meet Myla Huerta, May’s CrossFitter of the Month!

Prior to being introduced to CrossFit, Myla had been involved with a local “for women only” boot camp.  For two summers she participated in trail running and other outdoor workouts until she twisted her ankle quite seriously.  She quit the boot camp, and went inside to her treadmill where she just “ran.”  Her sister-in-law, Laurie Huerta, who was recently named March’s CrossFitter of the Month, talked Myla into attending a free Sunday workout at South Tahoe CrossFit.  Laurie had been a member for a year by that time and she convinced Myla to give it a whirl.  Myla was “terrified” of CrossFit, but she went along anyway.  That was August of 2013.  By September, she had signed up and was already “addicted.”  As Myla explained to me, it became part of her “daily routine.”  It was a “Life Changer” for Myla and she has never felt more “fit” since starting CrossFit.  We have witnessed the increases in Myla’s strength and confidence as reflected in her Olympic lifts in which she continues to break her own personal records (PRs) every few months.


Best Workout Buddies, Angelene and Myla!

The owners of STCF chose Myla as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month because she is not only consistent in her workouts, but also in her attitude while working out.  Myla attends CrossFit classes four times a week.  When we started offering Conditioning classes, Myla jumped into those, as well.  She regularly attends the Conditioning classes every Monday and Friday after the regular workout, regardless of what it may be.  She also regularly stays after to work on her favorite Olympic lifts with best buddy, Angelene Hall.  Usually, one or the other will bust out a new PR every few months!  Myla tackles challenges with a quiet smile and infectious laugh.  When she first began, she was afraid of heights and well, that pull-up structure is pretty high for someone with Myla’s stature, she is only 5’1″! 😉 She used boxes and bands to get over this fear.  She is now working on strict pull-ups…she doesn’t look back, nor wallow in excuses.  She has adopted the CrossFit mantra of “the last person who finishes gets the biggest cheers.”  She is an amazing cheerleader and a fantastic addition to the community spirit of CrossFit, the same spirit that motivates and pushes us all to go a little further than what we might think possible.

Myla’s favorite lifts are deadlifts, back squats, and thrusters,…yep, thrusters…!

12633566_1115268375152219_3643164968674356970_oHer favorite WODs have any of the aforementioned lifts, like Jackie, a WOD which includes THRUSTERS.  Myla tries to do most workouts “as prescribed” as often as she can.  Sometimes that means her scores are slower than if she’d scaled a movement.  However, she believes that improvement comes from pushing herself to go beyond what she might think her limit is at times.

Myla’s future successes will hopefully include linking her double-unders, completing strict pull-ups, and handstand push-ups.  Not surprising, Myla doesn’t want to improve her biking skills.  Like many CrossFitters, she really “hates” the Assault Bike, or Aerodyne, or “Devil’s Tricyle” – that evil contraption that misleads many who love spinning into thinking that it will be easy.  Myla used to love spinning and spin classes; however, she doesn’t enjoy CrossFit-style spinning! 😉

beanbarMyla and her husband are the new owners of the Bean Bar, a local coffee house at Round Hill.  We are sure that her consistent work ethic and great attitude will be an asset for this new business venture!  If you have the opportunity, please stop in and grab a cup of joe the next time you are on the Nevada side of the south shore.  You won’t be disappointed.

Next time you see Myla, tell her Congratulations!  We are honored to have her represent STCF as May’s CrossFitter of the Month!

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