Monday, December 18,2017

Here are some fun pictures from the Christmas party.

WOD- For Time:

1000 meter row


4 rounds of:

20 wall balls (20/14)

15 pull-ups

10 burpees

Conditioning class-

10 Toes to Bar

20 push ups

30 wall balls

40 box jumps

50 walking lunges

60 sit ups

70 double unders

60 sit ups

50 walking lunges

40 box jumps

30 wall balls

20 push ups

10 toes to bar

Thank you for all the toy donations we received! Our members are THE BEST!!!

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Sunday, December 17,2017

Share the Kool-Aid Sunday, where locals get to try out any CrossFit Class for FREE*!!

*visiting CrossFitters must still pay the drop-in fee.

Sunday’s Schedule of Classes:

8:00-11:00: Open Gym

8:30-9:30: CrossFit Class

10:00-11:00: CrossFit Class

Christmas party Friday, December 15,2017

Join us for the Christmas party tonight at 5:30 at the Moose Lodge! Adult beverages will be provided and we ask that you bring something to share for the potluck. We will have the Toys for Tots bin at the Moose so please bring an unwrapped gift to donate. The dress is casual/ ugly sweater.

*** the 5pm and 6pm classes are cancelled tonight.

WOD- Fore!

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:

4 minutes of clean and jerks (135/95)

4 minutes of rowing

4 minutes of burpees

Conditioning class-

30 min EMOM

1st min….8-12 push press

2nd min..8-12 OTB burpees

3rd min…8-12 goblet squats

4th min…30 sec 25ft side shuttle touch

Thursday’s WOD board

Thursday, December 14,2017

Front Squat 5-5-5-5


8 min AMRAP

8 goblet squats (53/35)

16 russian kettlebell swings (53/35)

32 double-unders

Join Michele for mobility today at noon and 5pm.

 Friday night classes at 5 & 6 pm will be cancelled, so come join us at the Christmas party at the Moose Lodge.

Wednesday’s WOD board

Wednesday, December 13,2017

16 min AMRAP of:

As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of:

2 rope climbs

20 abmat sit-ups

20 walking lunges

Conditioning class-

1) 6 rounds:

10 Russian KB

10 squats

10 walking lunges

10 jumping lunges

20 sit ups

20 sec plank

Party is on Friday!!! What are you bringing??? Write it on the white board POR FAVOR.

Tuesday’s WOD board

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