April 2017 CrossFitter of the Month


Tony Manero aka Tom Fernandes during this year’s Open Team Competition.

“Dr. Giggles” is this month’s CrossFitter of the Month!  Tom Fernandes grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.  As a young man, Tom participated in several sports, namely swimming and pole vaulting.  According to Tom, he was good in swimming, but not so good at pole vaulting – but it was fun and all his friends were doing it.  After high school he attended the University of Arizona where he met his future wife, Tamara.  Tom had intended to continue his studies to become an anesthesiologist.  However, he met Tamara… Tamara was headed to Dental School, and well, Tom couldn’t resist a pretty face, and he followed her.  He had always been fit in college, but once he got to Dental School, he got a little pudgy. Blame it on the love connection, but Tom realized he needed to do something about it.  He and Tamara had recently moved to Denver and started their family.  With not a lot of time between two new dental careers and a family, Tom turned to working out at home with programs like P90X and Insanity.  Fortunately for Tom, and us, he and Tamara got the opportunity to start a business in Tahoe.  They’d also loved the lake as Tamara’s parents had vacationed here often.  With their son Sean in tow, the Fernandes’ Family left Denver for more mountains.


Great looking family!

When they arrived in South Lake Tahoe, they established their business, Lake Tahoe Dental  in the summer of 2014.   Shortly thereafter, they welcomed their second child, Caitlin.  With less time on their hands, Tom decided to try out our gym back in October 2015.  A good friend of his and Tamara’s invited him to join her at one of our “Share the Pain” events.  It was a Friday.  He came home and told Tamara he was “hooked.”  I’m sure Tamara was thrilled to hear that, especially with two little ones now.  But, being the family man that Tom is, he invited Tamara and his children to our end of the OPEN Team Competition BBQ last year.  Shortly thereafter, we started seeing more and more of Tamara as she would come in on weekends while Tom stayed at home with the kids.  Soon, Tamara joined and now, the two of them trade off getting a workout in.  As many parents will confirm, it is difficult to juggle it all and often our own fitness goals go out the window when we begin our families.  However, we at CrossFit also know that the couple that works out together, stays together… or at least talks about CrossFit all the time! 😉


Barbells for Boobs participant – ready for 30 clean and jerks for time!

When I asked Tom what his first impressions were of South Tahoe CrossFit, he said he loved it all!  The intensity was what he needed the most.  He had tried other workout options, but they weren’t the same.  The community and the welcoming nature of the other members also kept him coming back.  When I asked Tom what his favorite movements and WODs are, he again said that he loved them all!  All of them?  Well, he especially loves burpees.  No, it’s not April 1st anymore… that’s right.  Burpees.  He loves cleans and jerks, rope climbs, muscle-ups, deadlifts, (well, all the olympic lifts, except for squat snatches.). He loves “chippers” like the named “Filthy Fifty” or our recent “Fifty Filthy” and Hero WODs, like Murph!  Tom’s just like that, he is easy-going and positive about everything…

photo3-23If you get the chance to talk to Tom after reading this, you will notice that he is more on the quiet side. He doesn’t brag or boast about his accomplishments or complain about his struggles.  Instead, he shows up, puts the work in,  and quietly makes gains.  Recently, he completed the 2017 Open.  Unlike last year where he could only complete the scaled versions of the Open WODs, this year, he did some of them prescribed!  His goal for next year is to be able to do them all prescribed!  I’m sure he will!  This is one of the reasons Tom was selected as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month.  He is committed to his fitness while supporting his wife and her fitness goals, he creates attainable goals, he is positive, and he continues to make progress in the gym, quietly, day by day.  The owners see Tom as another example of how CrossFit changes lives.  He is hooked, like the rest of us, on the concept of community, camaraderie, and commitment.  Please help us congratulate Tom for being selected as this month’s CrossFitter of the Month… and ask him how he got his nickname, “Dr. Giggles”!