Brooke Ence from CrossFit HQ came and worked out with us on New Year's Eve!

Brooke Ence, 2015 CrossFit Games Athlete, came and worked out with us on New Year’s Eve!

If you are visiting the area, and are a CrossFitter from another box somewhere in the world, please come on by and join us!

Here are some things to do if you visit:

  1. Please come a little early so that you can fill out the pertinent information OR simply fill out the information online here:  VISITOR WAIVER FORMS

  2. Introduce yourself to the coaches and tell them if you have any prior injuries or physical limitations.

  3. Decide which drop-in fee fits your visit to beautiful South Lake Tahoe:

    • One Day Drop-In:  $20
    • Two Days Drop-In:  $35
    • Three Days Drop-In: $45
    • One Week Drop-In: $65
  4. Drink plenty of water during and after the WOD to help rehydrate – Our climate is surprisingly dry, and the high altitude is no friend to hydration.(See link:  High Altitude Living)

  5. Make sure you have your picture taken under the wall so you can go on our “Wall” of Visitor Fame!

  6. If you liked your visit, please review us on either Facebook, Yelp, or WODontheRoad!

  7. Make sure to get out of the box and enjoy the lake, mountains, and fresh air!!